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Information for scheduling an inspection after their work is complete and/or filing for reimbursement for an upper lateral program.

Do you need to determine if the city is responsible for the sewer line? 

When Is The City Responsible?

The city is responsible for sewer lines starting at the main underground sewer pipe. That line carries waste and wastewater to your municipality’s treatment plant or other locations.


The sewer main usually sits beyond the boundaries of your property. In these situations, if the city is responsible for the sewer line and/or it is uncertain as to who is responsible, call the city. 

  • Vallejo

    • Vallejo Sanitation & Flood Control District

    • 707-644-8949 - Ext 3

Do you need to call an inspector after installation and permit submitted? 

Listed below is the contact information to set up inspection after the permit has been submitted by the plumbing technician.


Remember, the permit must first be paid and turn in by the technician before calling. 

  • Vallejo

    • 707-​648-4328

  • American Canyon

    • 707-647-4599

  • Benicia

    • 707-746-4230

Do you need to apply for the city's upper lateral program?

City of Vallejo's upper later program is designed to offset the cost of repairing and replacing private sewer pipes. 


Prior to completing the work, an evaluation must be done. Owners must submit a pre-evaluation questionnaire for approval. 

To learn about the program and download and fill out the upper lateral program application go to the Vallejo Flood & Wastewater District Website by clicking this link or call

(707) 652-7809. 

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