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We price fairly and do everything we can to keep costs accessible while maintaining a high quality of service.

We understand our customer's cost concerns. Plumbing repairs can add up quickly and the longer one waits, the more it will end up costing them. 

  • No hidden fees - charges don't change day by day

  • We never up-sell jobs

  • We don't charge extra for parts & will use customer parts when possible

  • We recommend some quality brands but receive no compensation by the brand

  • We keep it simple.

  • We only charge labor and parts

  • No trip charge for Vallejo, Benicia or American Canyon jobs

  • FREE estimates and discounts on case-by-case basis

  • We can only do simple quotes over the phone, but need to evaluate the job on site for a more accurate quote.





Generally, most jobs take an hour. However, that is not always the case thus we cannot provide a list of exact service charges.​

  • Flat fee for the first hour of service

  • Charged in 15 min increments after the first hour

  • If more than one tech is needed, costs will be more

  • Daytime rates apply Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm

  • Increased rates on weekends, holidays and after 6pm 


We will work with each customer to get the best product that works within their budget.

  • We never charge more than the actual cost of the parts. Usually it's less than what a customer would buy themselves due to our bulk discounts

  • No additional taxes or fees added to the invoice 

  • Charges include the parts to fix an appliance and also the cost of the appliance itself.

  • We always try to repair an appliance before recommending an appliance replacement. 

  • Techs keep common parts for most repairs on hand (couplings, reducer, union, adapter, flush valves, flanges, tub stoppers, and even garbage disposals)

  • Larger appliances or uncommon parts, the tech may need to make a trip to a store or the company office

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