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Customers are concerned about the bottom line and we understand because plumbing repairs can add up quickly and unfortunately, the longer one waits to get their plumbing issue resolved, the more it will end up costing them.

We don't have any hidden fees and our charges don't change day-by-day.  Our employees are not in the business of upselling any job. We don't charge extra for parts. We will use customer supplied parts. We do recommend certain brands over others. However, we don't receive any kickbacks for recommending any brand over another brand, we simply know from experience.  

We like to keep it simple. Remember when you hire us you are hiring a company that is licensed, bonded, and insured which is crucial to guaranteeing high-quality work. Your service charge consists only of LABOR and PARTS

We will charge a flat fee for the first hour of service just for showing up.

After the first hour, we charge in quarter-increments of time. For example, if the plumber is there 15 minutes past the first hour, we will charge only a quarter of the labor charge for that hour. 


The labor fee is based on the day and time of the service. The labor fee is the same M-F from 7 am-5 pm, but increases at a set amount after 6 pm, on weekends, and holidays. 

Generally, most jobs take an hour. However, that is not always the case thus we cannot provide definitive service charges.

We do not charge a trip charge if you are located in Vallejo, Benicia, or American Canyon. 


We do provide FREE estimates and discounts on a case-by-case basis. 

The part charge includes not only the parts to fix an appliance but also the cost of the appliance itself. We always try to repair an appliance before recommending an appliance replacement.


We never charge more than the cost the customer would pay at the store. Usually, the customer pays less than what they would pay at the store as we get a discount for buying parts in bulk. We also do not add additional fees such as taxes to our invoices. 

Our technicians are required to stock their company vans with common parts such as couplings, reducer, union, adapter, flush valves, flanges, tub stoppers, and even garbage disposals. However, for larger appliances or uncommon parts technicians will need to travel to the store or company office.


We will work with each customer to get the best product that works within their budget.